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内容摘要: 光绪元宝是清朝光绪年间流通的货币之一。由湖北两广总督张之洞率先引进英国铸币机器铸造银元和铜元,之后各省纷纷仿效。共有十九个省局铸造,除中央户部,地方省所铸铜元,皆在其正面上缘镌写省名。此枚铜币是流通于清朝光绪年间的机制铜币,采用精炼黄铜所铸,采用精雕的铜模冲压制作. 此湖......


Guangxu Yuanbao was one of the currencies circulated in Guangxu during the Qing Dynasty. Zhang Zhidong governor of Hubei Province and Guangdong Province took the lead in introducing the British coin machine to cast silver and copper coins and later provinces followed suit. Nineteen provincial bureaus cast copper coins. Except for the central household office the names of the provinces were engraved on the upper edge of the coins. The coin was made of refined brass and stamped with a carved copper mold.

This copper coin made in Hubei Province is about 28.3 mm in diameter. The front bead circle of the coin contains the words "Guangxu Yuan Bao" in the Han script the six-petal plum blossom decoration in the center the upper ring book "Made in Hubei Province" outside the circle and the lower ring book "Dang Shi" in the lower ring and each book has the name of the Manchu money bureau. Look at the back of the money: the center is a dragon exquisite decoration fine dragon scales beautiful lines smooth exquisite casting technology a close look like a dragon flying in the sky vivid vivid and quiet. Let's have a round of snack in English. This copper coin is exquisite in casting technology the font and pattern are in line with the casting characteristics of the time. Manchu calligraphy is firmly based free to use pens strong and strong the edge of the teeth and other use marks are obvious the pulp is moist very valuable for collection.

この湖北省は光緒の元宝を作って10銅貨にして、直径約:28 mm。この銅貨は、正面の珠圏内に漢書「光緒元宝」を鋳造し、中央六弁の梅の紋様、圏外の上環書「湖北省造」、下環書「当十」、左右の各本には満文銭局名がある。更にお金を見ます:中心は溝の竜の図で、紋様は精巧で精巧で、竜のうろこは繊細で、線は優美で、なめらかで、鋳造の工芸は見事で、まるで1本の空を飛ぶ神の竜のようで、生き生きとしているように見えます。上下輪の英語、左右のお菓子を左右する。この銅貨の鋳造技術は見事で、書体、図案はすべて当時の鋳造の特徴に合っていて、満文の書道の根がしっかりしていて、筆を運ぶのが自由で、非常に強力で、歯の辺などの使用痕跡は明らかで、潤いがあって、非常に収蔵する価値があります。

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