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Due to the fact that the current coin of the xianfeng treasure is not very much the existence is very rare so the coin is very precious. But since the casting time is long and the circulation area is wide it is also the most concern for ancient spring lovers and is dedicated to collecting and appreciating COINS. In a lot of salt and abundant money there should be a great deal of salt and abundant treasure when the ten COINS are the most. It has the longest casting period the largest number the most format and the most circulation and it is the biggest in the rich. Xianfeng but due to the heavy treasure when ten COINS of not much only very few and far between so the money is very precious. The xianfeng heavy treasure when ten COINS (specifications for: 3.6 cm in diameter. The foundry material of xianfeng heavy treasure is mainly brass and there have been COINS of other materials such as iron money. There is also a kind of gold silver hawksbill cupronickel material such as the court of refined coin shape is bigger money also thicker body when the royal festival with money this is a less amount of COINS casting quality excellent the price is far from brass iron than money to be able to. The whole product is intact the shape is neat it is a rare collection of good products has the huge collection value and the investment value. If you are interested in purchasing please call us and we will be dedicated to your service.