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 民国三年袁大头 本藏品为民国时期铸袁世凯编年币,正面上列为“中华民国三年”,该币正面袁像头发较粗。长短(相对地讲)不一,似有小小的波浪,不像其他版别,袁世凯头像有较明显的弧线。背面嘉禾图案同其他版别也有明显的不同,嘉禾结带没有形成纵横相“8”的结花,而右边一束嘉禾结带处形成一个不规则的圆,好像是用塑料包住花根的、独立的一束嘉禾。银色饱满,为大开门老货。品相八品,具有很大的升值空间。 

    In the three years of the Republic of China Yuandatou's collection was cast by Yuan Shikai during the Republic of China. The front was listed as "three years of the Republic of China" and the front of the coin was thicker. The length(relatively speaking) is different and there seems to be a small wave. Unlike other versions Yuan Shikai's head has a more obvious arc. The back of the Jiahe pattern is also significantly different from other versions. The Jiahe knot does not form a vertical and horizontal "8" knot while the right beam of Jiahe knot forms an irregular circle which seems to be wrapped in plastic. The roots of the independent Jiahe. Silver full for the big open old goods. The quality of eight products there is a lot of room for appreciation.
This is similar to coins. In 2014 at the Poly Auction Company in Beijing the Autumn Auction(7.17-18) a miscellaneous special auction a nine-year-old Yuandatou of the Republic of China the starting price was 680000 and after several rounds of bidding the final 2.58 million The success of the fall set off an upsurge in Tibetan coin collection.

このような货币は、2014年、北京の保利オークションで、秋のオークション(7.17 - 18)、雑货は、中华民国で9年、元の额で、落札価格は68万円で、数回の竞売価格を経て、最终的に258万で落札され、蔵家の金貨を収蔵するブームが起きています。

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