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石铁陨石Stony-iron Meteorite,又称陨铁石。是地球以外脱离原有运行轨道的宇宙流星或尘碎块飞快散落到地球或其它行星表面的未燃尽的石质的、铁质的或是石铁混合物质。属于无比稀有的一类陨石,占陨石数量的2%~4%。这类陨石中硅酸盐与镍铁合金的含量各占50%。陨石是非常稀有的外来太空资源,有着极其重要的科研,收藏和经济价值。

陨石种类诸多,而此块属石铁陨石,重 250克,品相完好,其陨石特征明显,密度大,微磁性,表面呈现铁的光泽,并且有明显陨石坑洞和疤痕,轮廓清晰,它携带了大量的宇宙信息,是人类研究宇宙、太阳系及地球生命形成和演化,以及宇宙灾害、特殊矿产生的宝贵实物资料,被视为具有重要科学与文化价值的文物标本。长久以来,被称作“天外来石”的陨石因极高的科研价值一直受到众多天文学家和地质学家的热捧,陨石以克论价,一克陨石甚比一克和田玉的价格要高得多,为不可多得的收藏重器、极为罕见、有巨大的投资价值、及收藏价值。


Stony iron Meteorite Stony-iron Meteorite also known as Meteorite. An unburned mix of stone iron or stone and iron that is rapidly scattered on the surface of the earth or other planets by cosmic meteors or dust particles outside earth's orbit. Meteorites belong to the extremely rare category accounting for 2% to 4% of meteorites. The meteorites each contain 50 percent silicate and 50 percent nickel and iron alloys. Meteorites are very rare foreign space resources with extremely important scientific research collection and economic value.

Many meteorites sort which block pallasite weight: 250 g appearance in good condition its obvious trait of meteorites density micro magnetic iron and bright surface and have obvious meteorite craters and scars the outline is clear it carries a lot of information the universe is human research the universe solar system and the formation and evolution of life on earth and the universe disasters special mine valuable data has important scientific and cultural value of cultural relics is seen as a specimen. For a long time known as the "day foreign stone" meteorite because of high scientific value has been many astronomers and geologists meteorites in grams " what a gram of meteorites was much higher than the price of one gram of hetian jade jack to rare collections rare there is a huge investment value and collection value.


石鉄隕石「stony -iron meteorite」、またクレーター。地球外から离れた轨道を离れていた宇宙流星や粒子状の破片が、地球や他の惑星の表面に飞び散った石質の、鉄质、鉄の混合物质である。希少価値のある隕石は、隕石の数の2%~4%を占めている。この隕石では珪酸塩とニッケルの合金の含有量がそれぞれ50%を占めている。隕石は非常に珍しい外来の宇宙資源であり、極めて重要な科学研究、収蔵及び経済価値を有している。