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内容摘要: 民国成立后,铜元仍继续大量流通使用。1914年,铜元正式改称“铜币”,民国发行的铜币与清最大的区别是龙纹被换成了由稻穗组成的嘉禾纹。各省铸造的铜元大多为两面叉的国旗图案,并有“开国纪念币”或“中华民国铜币”字样。 中华民国当制钱二十文,正面图案内容丰富,中心珠圈......




中华民国当制钱二十文,正面图案内容丰富,中心珠圈内有,1朵盛开的1 2瓣扁(椭圆)形菊花,两侧各有嘉禾衬托着,包括麦穗和麦叶,中间下部从外部到内侧有心形树叶、荷叶和水生植物的叶子做装饰;珠圈上缘书“中华民国”,下缘书“当制钱二十文”;珠圈两侧各有一朵立体长形 瓣花。背面中心为交叉的双旗,左侧为十八星旗,右侧为五色旗;两旗交叉处通过缨带绑扎,下垂有两个缨穗;下缘书英文20 CASH币值,两侧各为一朵盛开的牵牛花及藤蔓装饰。纵观整币,设计精美,线条流畅,艺术造诣极高,时代特征鲜明,极具收藏投资价值!

After the founding of the Republic of China copper yuan continued to circulate in large quantities. In 1914 the copper coin was officially renamed "copper coin". The biggest difference between the copper coin issued by the Republic of China and the Qing Dynasty was that the dragon pattern was replaced by the Jiahe grain composed of rice ears. Most of the copper coins cast in the provinces are flag patterns with two forks and have the words "Founding Commemorative Coin" or "Copper Coin of the Republic of China".


The Republic of China made twenty pieces of money with rich front designs. There were 12 flat (elliptical) chrysanthemums in the central bead circle each flanked by Jiahe including ears of wheat and leaves of wheat. The middle and lower parts were decorated with heart-shaped leaves lotus leaves and leaves of aquatic plants from the outside to the inside. The upper edge of the bead circle book "Republic of China" and the lower edge book "20 pieces of money making" were used as bead circles. There is a three-dimensional long 6-petal flower on both sides. The center of the back is a crossed double flag the left is an 18-star flag and the right is a five-color flag. At the crossing of the two flags two tassels are tied by reeling ribbons and two tassels are drooping. The English 20 CASH value of the lower edge book is decorated with a blooming morning glory and vines on both sides. Throughout the whole coin the design is exquisite the lines are smooth the artistic attainments are extremely high the characteristics of the times are distinct and the value of collection and investment is extremely high!