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内容摘要: 中华民国成立后,孙中山提出要“另刊新模,鼓铸纪念币”,随后武昌和南京两处造币厂率先铸行了中华民国开国纪念币铜元辅币,以十文面值的为主,在全国大量发行以取代清朝铜元。1914年,铜元正式改称“铜币”,民国发行的铜币与清朝最大的区别是龙纹被换成了由稻穗组成的嘉禾纹。各......




该币正面中央图案为十八星铁血旗五色国旗交叉而立、旗后有缨带,双旗寓意全国一统与民族大团结;钱币正面圈外上部书中华民国;左右饰有花纹;下方为开国纪念币;背面则镌當制錢十文标明币值。左右图案则为稻穗组成嘉禾纹,寓意丰民足岁; 此枚钱币保存好,包浆浑厚,流通使用痕迹明显,钱币上面的图文至今仍然清晰可见,乃当时造币量较少的一种品种,见证了历史的进展历程,现存世量极少,且保存较好,具有很高的历史价值、艺术价值和收藏价值。


After the founding of the Republic of China Sun Zhongshan proposed the "new model of the other issue the casting commemorative coin" and then two mints in Wuchang and Nanjing took the lead in casting the coins of the commemorative coins of the Republic of China in the Republic of China mainly in the ten literal values which were issued to replace the bronze yuan in the Qing Dynasty. In 1914 copper coins were officially renamed "copper coins". The biggest difference between the copper coins issued in the Republic of China and the Qing Dynasty was that the dragon pattern was replaced by a Jiahe pattern composed of Rice Panicles. Most of the copper coins produced by the provinces are two-sided flag patterns with the words "Founding coins" or "copper coins of the Republic of China".

The central pattern of the coin is "Eighteen Star iron blood flag" and "five color flag" cross and the flag has a tassel. The two flags symbolizes the national unity and national unity; the top book of the coin front circle is the Republic of China; it is decorated with patterns; the lower is the commemorative coin of the country; the back is engraved "when the money making ten articles" marked the value of the currency. The left and right patterns are made up of Jiahe grain for Rice Panicles. It means rich people's full age. This coin is preserved well thick and thick and the circulation and use marks are obvious. The graphic and text on the coins are still clearly visible to the present. It has high historical value artistic value and collection value.