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内容摘要:此钱币为北洋造库平七钱二分光绪元宝龙洋银币,整体品相完好,银币正面:珠圈内满汉文“光绪元宝”,上环“北洋造”, 下环“库平七钱二分” “光绪元宝”四个字,字体俊秀。银币背背:正中蟠龙图,眼神灵异炯炯有神;龙鳞雕刻细密有致,腾云驾雾,身姿遒劲有力;龙爪张扬,神武有力;龙身盘踞太阳,......
此钱币为北洋造库平七钱二分光绪元宝龙洋银币,整体品相完好,银币正面:珠圈内满汉文“光绪元宝”,上环“北洋造”, 下环“库平七钱二分” “光绪元宝”四个字,字体俊秀。银币背背:正中蟠龙图,眼神灵异炯炯有神;龙鳞雕刻细密有致,腾云驾雾,身姿遒劲有力;龙爪张扬,神武有力;龙身盘踞太阳,工艺最精湛,雕工最完美,浮雕感最强烈的品种,镜面平整光滑,纹饰的相惯线,显得非常清,为不可多得的收藏佳品,具有巨大的收藏价值及投资价值。

The Guangxu gold ingot was one of the currency circulated during the reign of Emperor Guangxu in Qing dynasty. By the viceroy Zhang Zhidong took the lead in the introduction of British machine casting silver and copper coins the provinces have to follow after. A total of nineteen Provincial Bureau of casting.
This is the library level seven coins made money two Yuan Bao Long Yang Guangxu silver (specifications: diameter 39.4mm thickness 25mm weight 26.46g) the whole product is intact silver front: bead ring full of Chinese "" the silver Guangxu "ring made" ring "Ku Ping seven money two" "Guangxu bullions" four words handsome font. Silver back: median Beaulieu the bright eyes; Dragon carving fine by clouds powerful posture; publicity talon Shenwu powerful dragon; entrenched the sun the most sophisticated technology the most perfect sense of relief carving the most intense variety mirror smooth phase inertial line pattern is very clear. as a rare collection of high quality goods with the collection value and investment value of great.
The collection of 2015 in Beijing poly auction companies autumn auction (7.17 - 18) miscellaneous auction a gold coin in Beiyang made the starting price of 1 million 680 thousand after several rounds of bidding the final 3 million 780 thousand to complete the hammer set off the upsurge of collectors.

このお金を作っ钱二北洋庫平七分光緒馬蹄銀龙洋銀貨、(規格:直径39.4mm、厚さ25 mm、重さ26.46g)全体の製品の完全で、銀貨正面:珠圏满汉文「光緒银宝」、上環「北洋造、環「庫平七钱二分」「光緒馬蹄銀」4つの字、フォント、ジュンス。銀貨を暗唱:真ん中蟠龙図、目つきが心霊輝き;竜鱗彫刻の細かい緻し、雲に乗って、姿がたくましかっ有力;ウンリュウ言いふらして、神武有力;竜の体を占拠して太陽、工芸の最も完璧で、最も完璧浮き彫り細工を持つ、感が最も強くの品種、鏡面平ら光滑り、紋の相に育っ線、とても清、得難い収蔵上物で、は巨大な価値を収集及び投資価値。
これに類似のコレクション2015年北京保利競売会社、秋のオークション(7.17—じゅうはち)、雑の特別興行オークションでは、一枚の北洋製の光緒の馬蹄銀の銀貨、起拍価168万、数回オークション、最終的には236 -南紀白浜ミステリーツアー万円満落槌を起こし、コレクターの収蔵ブーム。