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内容摘要:大清铜币,学名清代机制铜圆,钱面中央有“大清铜币”四个汉字,内嵌一小字代表地名,上端是满文“大清铜币”字样,两侧为年份。边缘中间分别“户部”二汉字,下端为“当制钱十文”。钱背中央为蟠龙,上端是“光绪(或宣统)年造”,下端英文“Tai-Ching Ti-Kuo Copper Coi......
大清铜币,学名清代机制铜圆,钱面中央有“大清铜币”四个汉字,内嵌一小字代表地名,上端是满文“大清铜币”字样,两侧为年份。边缘中间分别“户部”二汉字,下端为“当制钱十文”。钱背中央为蟠龙,上端是“光绪(或宣统)年造”,下端英文“Tai-Ching Ti-Kuo Copper Coin”字样(大清帝国铜币)。
The bronze coin of the Qing Dynasty the scientific name of the Qing Dynasty mechanism copper round the money face center has "bronze coin of the Qing Dynasty" four Chinese characters embedded a small character for the place name the top is the Manchu "bronze coin of the Qing Dynasty" the word on both sides for the year. In the middle of the border are two Chinese characters of the "Department of residence" with the lower end being "ten books for money making". The central part of the Qianbei is Panlong the upper part is "Guangxu (or Xuantong) year" and the lower part is "Tai-Ching Ti-Kuo Copper Coin" (copper coins of the Qing Dynasty).
Casting is relatively uniform throughout the country. Foundry began in 1900 (26th year of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty) and ended in 1911 (3rd year of Xuantong). Because of its elegant layout excellent sculpture and very few coppers in the world Daqing copper coin Guangxu Hubu Mao Dang Shi is known as one of the ten honorary products in modern Chinese coinage.
Many emperors of the Qing Dynasty issued copper coins as currency in circulation the use of copper coins has important practical and historical significance making the transaction gradually convenient. Today the bronze coins of the Qing Dynasty also have a certain collection value many collectors love the bronze coins of the Qing Dynasty and the collection of a variety of copper coins has become their goal.
大清銅貨、学名清代メカニズム銅円、お金面の中央には「大清銅貨」の4つの漢字があり、中には小文字は地名を代表し、上端は「大清銅貨」と書かれ、両側は年である。エッジの中間には「戸部」の二漢字があり、下端は「製銭十文」という。お金の背の中央は谷間で、上端は「光緒(あるいは宣統)年造」、下端英語「Ti - Ching Ti - Kuoコードコード」(大清帝国銅貨)。