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内容摘要: 乾隆通宝是乾隆时期的流通货币, 乾隆皇帝在位的60年里施展其“文治武功”的治国策略,创造了封建社会里最后一个辉煌盛世,之后民间便盛传佩带“乾隆通宝”铜钱可驱灾辟邪,又因乾隆二字谐音“钱隆”而备受后世藏家所喜爱的钱币。钱面文字"乾隆通宝"以楷书书写,其字从上而......

乾隆通宝是乾隆时期的流通货币, 乾隆皇帝在位的60年里施展其“文治武功”的治国策略,创造了封建社会里最后一个辉煌盛世,之后民间便盛传佩带“乾隆通宝”铜钱可驱灾辟邪,又因乾隆二字谐音“钱隆”而备受后世藏家所喜爱的钱币。钱面文字"乾隆通宝"以楷书书写,其字从上而下而右而左直读。钱背文字沿雍正满文钱式穿孔左边有"宝"字,穿孔右边铸有各局名。币种与不同时期形状与大小也有不同。此藏品是历史的见证,属珍贵文物,极具投资价值和收藏价值,文化品位备受收藏者的青睐,是不可多得的珍品。
Qian Long Tong Bao was a currency in the period of the Qian Long period. During the 60 years of emperor Qian Long's reign he applied his "ruling martial arts" strategy and created the last glorious age in the feudal society. After that the folk had been handed down with the "Qian Long Tong Bao" copper money to exorcise and ward off evil spirits and the later generations of the Tibetan family because of Qian Long's two word homonym "Qian Long" A favorite coin. Qianlong Tong Bao is written in regular script. Its characters are from top to bottom while right and left are read directly. The money back text has the word "Bao" on the left side of the Yong Zheng Manchu money punch and the Bureau has its name on the right side of the punch. Currency is different from shape and size in different periods. This collection is a testimony of history. It is a valuable cultural relic. It has great investment value and collection value and its cultural taste is favored by collectors. It is a rare treasure.