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内容摘要:此钱币为湖南省造双旗币当二十铜元。该铜币正面图案中央为两面交叉的国旗,上方为“湖南省造”4个字,下面为记值:当二十铜元,内圈则印制着民国年间的双旗图。背面图案为稻穗组成的嘉禾纹,上部镌“THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA”,下方则镌“TWENTY CASH”。钱币上面的锈......
此钱币为湖南省造双旗币当二十铜元。该铜币正面图案中央为两面交叉的国旗,上方为“湖南省造”4个字,下面为记值:当二十铜元,内圈则印制着民国年间的双旗图。背面图案为稻穗组成的嘉禾纹,上部镌“THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA”,下方则镌“TWENTY CASH”。钱币上面的锈迹见证了其历史年代的沉积,不难看出它明显的历史过渡性特征,该铜币流通痕迹明显,具有一定的历史价值、艺术价值和收藏价值。
This coin is a double flag coin made in Hunan Province. In the center of the obverse pattern is the national flag crossed on both sides with four characters "made in Hunan Province" on the top and the following is the value: when the copper is 20 yuan the inner circle is printed with the Double Flag picture of the Republic of China. The pattern on the back is Jiahe pattern composed of rice ears with "the public of China" engraved on the top and "twinty cash" engraved on the bottom. The rust on the coins has witnessed the deposition of its historical age and it is not difficult to see its obvious historical transitional characteristics. The circulation trace of the copper coins is obvious which has certain historical value artistic value and collection value.
このお金は湖南省の双旗貨幣を作って二十銅元にします。この銅貨の正面の模様は中央が両面交差する国旗で、上は「湖南省造」の4文字で、下は記値である。裏面には稲穂でできた嘉禾紋が描かれ、上部には「THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA」が刻まれ、下には「TWENTY CASH」が刻まれています。お金の上のさびの跡はその歴史の年代の堆積を目撃して、それの明らかな歴史の渡来性の特徴を見抜きにくくなくて、この銅貨の流通の痕跡は明らかで、一定の歴史の価値、芸術の価値と収蔵の価値を持ちます。湖南省造双旗币湖南省造双旗币