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内容摘要:齐良迟先生的嫡传弟子。现为中国美术家协会会员、他 在绘画上以虾见长,同时兼攻鱼、花、鸟、蟹、虫。他画虾,布局空灵,带着令人乐以忘忧的和谐节奏,把人带进逍遥超然的人生境界。 湖南岳麓诗社常务理事、湘潭市政协委员、湘潭市美协常务理事、湖南南岳书画社常务理事、齐白石研究会常务理事、齐白......
齐良迟先生的嫡传弟子。现为中国美术家协会会员、他 在绘画上以虾见长,同时兼攻鱼、花、鸟、蟹、虫。他画虾,布局空灵,带着令人乐以忘忧的和谐节奏,把人带进逍遥超然的人生境界。 湖南岳麓诗社常务理事、湘潭市政协委员、湘潭市美协常务理事、湖南南岳书画社常务理事、齐白石研究会常务理事、齐白石纪念馆画师、北京齐白石艺术研究会副会长。此藏品具有较高文化价值与美学价值,极富有收藏价值
The direct disciple of Mr. Qi Liangchi. Now he is a member of the Chinese Artists Association. He is famous for his prawn in painting and he also deals with fish flowers birds crabs and insects. He painted shrimp the layout was vacant with a harmonious rhythm of joy and sorrow bringing people into a free and detached life realm. The standing director of the Yuelu Poetry Society in Hunan the member of the Xiangtan Municipal Political Consultative Conference the standing director of the Xiangtan City Association the standing director of the Hunan Nanyue calligraphy and painting society the standing director of the Qi Baishi Research Association the painter of the Qi Baishi memorial hall and the vice president of the Beijing Qi Baishi Art Research Institute. This collection has high cultural value and aesthetic value and has great collection value.